Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hillsong annouces debut of "Another Fire"

Hillsong UNITED has announced the release of their highly anticipated album, PEOPLE. The worldwide album debut date is on April 26. The PEOPLE album is a  live project with twelve new songs. You can preorder the album as it is available on most of your favourite music platforms.
 Returning to their roots, to where it all began, PEOPLE pays homage to the group’s core mission; unity… a simple, yet most powerful message that’s needed in the world today more than ever.

“The hope for the project is simply understanding the power of music as a means of bringing people together, and letting it serve as a reminder that in our culture––the call to love our neighbor is a revolutionary act that perhaps rings louder now than ever.” says UNITED’s Joel Houston. “If there's one thing that music can do better than anything else on earth, is its innate ability to unify people. It’s the essence at the heart of what UNITED has always been about––and what we want this project to represent more than anything––bringing people together, from every different walk of life, with all our differing experiences, circumstances, and perspectives––and finding songs that give us reason to sing as individuals with a
common voice.”

Official track listing for PEOPLE
Ready or Not
Here’s to the One
Might Sound Wild
Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
As You Find Me
Starts and Ends
Holy Ground
Another in the Fire
Good Grace
Echoes (Till We See the Other Side) 

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